Words around the world

Literature is an important component of the cultural history of a country, a prism to see a destination in a different light. It adds a new dimension to your journey when we follow the trails of a writer and his works.  Become a literary tourist with us, you only need your love for books.


On a literature tour, you will follow the lives and the works of the greatest writers, visit their homes and those towns and villages where the stories were set or where the inspiration was found. Private visits, special rendez-vous with authors, lectures and literature workshops will enrich your discovery from a cultural and more personal human point of view.


In our portfolio, ready to inspire you, are Jane Austen, the Russian authors, the Scottish Outlanders, Dante and Italy to name a few. If you happen to have a favorite writer or a book, ask us to create your special itinerary in the spirit of their works.