The Best Hotels of the World

We believe that the choice of hotels is an essential part of the voyage.

There is no one place that suits everyone. For some, it will be a luxury tent in the desert, for others a private island or a sophisticated palace in a vibrant city. We are committed to find the ideal place for you from the endless list of the best properties of the world. They are all in our address book and we have created with them a personal relationship which will give you the chance to be treated like a very special guest wherever you go.

We partner with the most exclusive brands in all aspects of travel to offer you VIP services, gastronomical experiences and exclusive packages .

Among many other choices, we invite you to rediscover Paris with our exclusive fashion package made in association with the Peninsula, to follow us to the pristine valleys of Bhutan from one Aman to another, to propose to your sweetheart at the Lake Palace of Udaipur privatized for the occasion : the world`s best places are yours.