Tellus Private

If you find yourself here it means that you are looking for something more than a simple holiday.
Look no further you have arrived at the right place.

The Ultimate Luxury Experience

The Ultimate Luxury Experience


Let us show you the world like never before. Your experience begins right from the moment you decide to go somewhere. We work in tandem with you, taking into account every little detail to make it worth leaving home for. …

Luxe hotel

The Best Hotels of the World


We believe that the choice of hotels is an essential part of the voyage. There is no one place that suits everyone. For some, it will be a luxury tent in the desert, for others a private island or a sophisticated palace in a vibrant city. We are committed to find the ideal place for you from the endless list of the best properties of the world…

trek & adventure

Trek & Adventure


If your idea of a perfect journey includes action and adventure, we have what you are looking for. With a team of passionate and dedicated professionals, we provide an unrivaled adventure travel experiences all over the world…


Retreats & Meditation


Wellness travel is more than a trend — it has become a modern-day necessity. There is always time to detox your brain cells from the constant bombardment of emails and messages…


Weddings & Honeymoon


Honeymoons are a once in a lifetime happening and we have just the right team to make it really special. Choose from a journey in the lap of luxury on a private island or an epic adventure of discovery, we have a million and one ideas to make it possible to celebrate the coming together of your hearts.