Cultural Experiences

One of the most memorable experiences in my traveller’s life happened during a temporary exhibition at the Fondation Vuiton in Venice that we visited with a conductor of the installation. We stepped into a dark room and saw two video screens placed face to face, showing in loop a man, in slow motion, plunging into a bath and coming out on the other screen in front of a painting of the Virgin. What a waste of time to stay here and see the repeat for more than a few minutes, I said. What is going on here? Then the curator began to explain the hidden symbolisms and meanings in these two art works and we stayed on for almost two hours, fascinated by the works and his presentation. That’s the difference that an expert and enthusiast can bring to a guided tour and the type of experience we create for you.


Art Tours


An art tour unveils to the passionate traveller a world usually overlooked in a destination. For us, it is just a question of perspective which makes it possible to unlock the beauty and reveal the symphony of art and life.

Festival of the world

Festival of the world


Festivals are a great way to get a step closer to a destination. You leave the tourist bubble and share the experience with the locals exploring a new dimension of their culture.

words of the world

Words around the world


Literature is an important component of the cultural history of a country, a prism to see a destination in a different light. It adds a new dimension to your journey when we follow the trails of a writer and his works.  Become a literary tourist with us, you only need your love for books.


City trips


I am a city buff. I feel that they have a life of their own. Come and join our community of city lovers, tap into that inspiring metropolitan energy in some of the world’s most beloved or unexplored places.