Cities of Art

Brussels, Bruges, Gent, Antwerp, Malines: like those rosemary beads, move from one town to another on this series of exceptional art cities. Belgium is small like a jewel box but it contains a surprisingly huge treasure of human achievements. It is impossible to escape the charm of those historic cities with their impressive squares, medieval belfries and step-gables houses overlooking those romantic canals. There is a surprising amount of Unesco sites that any history lover will love. The region was the refinery of European paintings and the art scene never relented, be it the genius of Rubens, the creativity of Horta or the contemporary artists of today.  More than that, with Horta Inside Out  in 2018  and the Flemish Masters 2018-2020,  the art lover`s calendar is looking busy. Horta Inside Out takes place in Brussels. With his sinuous curves of glass and steel, the famous architect Victor Horta shaped the new face of Brussels in the beginning of the 20st century, converting the city into the capital of Art Nouveau.


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