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Founded in 1992, Tellus SA is a privately owned company located in Brussels, the very heart of Europe. Thanks to its dynamic leadership and creative team of specialists, the company has expanded over the years into two dedicated branches:

 Tellus Destination Management Company          

 Tellus Incentive & Travel Company 

In every facet of its activities, Tellus stands out by offering a well-honed fusion of imagination and efficiency, dedicated service and economy. The latest technology provides unmatched convenience, while our traditional personal attention adds elegance to your travel experience.

Our long and successful track record ensures your trip or event will unfold wrinkle-free and only linger as a brilliant memory.

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  • The new Fin-de-Siècle Museum presents the prestigious Gillion Crowet Art Nouveau collection and masterpieces reflecting the multitude of artistic disciplines between 1868 and 1914.
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